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Welcome Message

Iwould like to thank you, our clients, for your continued patronage and enthusiastic
support for S-TECH CO., LTD.

Since its establishment in 2007, S-TECH has been supplying sewing machines to
domestic and overseas markets.  Also, to meet the varied needs of our customers,
S-TECH is always keen on recognizing and living up to consumer expectations by
developing advanced machines via technological cooperation.

S-TECH specializes in manufacturing sewing machines that boast Korea’s cutting edge
technology.  Our company is a medium size business which distributes a wide
range of models for seam sealing machine, welding machine, crossbar, etc., according
to the orders placed by sewing companies in Korea and around the world.  At present,
we have secured substantial domestic and export markets.

Moreover, our company has a full line of advanced equipments, globally competitivesystem
for equipment design, and computerized manufacturing system.  We are committed
to enhancing the quality of our products to compete with other advanced equipments develo
ped by Germany and Japan.

Because of these efforts to become the best in what we do, we have been able to design
and manufacture welding machines, seam sealing machines, crossbars, etc. with Korea’
s own technology.  Further, based on advanced technology, we have built up sales network
not only in the US, which forms the hub of overseas marketing and operation, but also in China
and Thailand.  This enables us to export 70%~80% of our monthly manufacturing quota and
contribute to Korea’s economy.  S-TECH also pays special attention to customer satisfaction
with an after service that is second to none in the industry.

For the purpose of developing as a global company, S-TECH pledges to work diligently to
create the kind of business administration that is customer oriented and that continually seeks
technological advancement.  We will do this by setting 3 objectives: global competitiveness,
technological superiority, and excellence in management.  Moreover, to increase the worth
of our company in the 21st century, we promise to keep in step with our clients so that we can
thrive together as one.

LEE Gyoungju, President

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