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An automatic tape cutting device.
- It is done neatly due to cutting tapes by computer
controling system.
- The beginning and the end of the tape is perfectly
treated, and loss time does not exist at all.
- Effect : It has the effect of enhancing 60~80 percent of
operation efficiency and saves tape.
Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine To Preserve Water-Resistancy Sportwear, Raincoats, Fishingwear, Skywear, Tent, Shoes and Divingwear, Asepticwear, Sewn Together Using Synthetic Fiber.
1.Using DC server motor with a sensor, the speed of the motor can be held on regularly. Presented minute per meter (m/m) on the monitor, it allows exact speed and high power. And it is semi-permanent. 2.nozzle heater temperature control device. It keeps the temperature to be stabilized with a digital thermometer. In order to lengthen the life of heater and keep the safety, when the pressure falls down, the power supply will be turned off. 3.An air moisture clearance. Using dual automatic moisture clearance filter, it prolongs the length of life of the machine and the heater. 4.Made with the profile aluminum, it is solid. In addition because of reducing 30 percent of weight, it is easy to move.
Model ST- 6561
Power Source AC220V ± 10% 50/60Hz
Power Consumption Abt. 15.KWA
Nozzle Heater Capa 3.600W
Processing speed MAX.20/MIN
Temperature Control MAX.900 °C
Upper Roller Stroke 25mm
Width Of Upper Roller 10~60mm
Width Of Nozzle 10~60mm
Weight 120kg
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